Business Disputes

Business disputes can arise or result from various types of transactions or conduct, but there are certain types of business disputes that are more common than others.

Businesses that specifically employ contractors, purchasers, suppliers, or business partners often have disputes over the contract terms. For instance, one party might not believe they were paid the proper contract price. 

Or, one party might believe that they were not delivered the goods or service they were promised, or the product delivery was outside of the agreed upon timeframe. Whatever the case, contract disagreements can form the basis for many types business disputes.

Businesses that deliver goods or services to customers can also have disputes with their customers. These types of disputes can involve issues such as whether the goods or services were delivered or up to the standard expected.

Businesses typically provide implied warranties that the products sold are functional and operational. When the products are not up to these standards, or if the products harm any consumers, claims against the business can often be filed.

Employment claims are often filed in relation to businesses, especially in relation to hiring, promoting, and termination practices. Businesses are not allowed to discriminate or harass its employees; those that do expose themselves to business claims and various legal consequences.

Lastly, business disputes can also arise from the unapproved or unauthorized use of trade secrets, confidential information, intellectual property, and other sensitive or protected business information. An example of this is where one company uses another business’ logo without their permission. In such cases, a business dispute can arise over any of the profits generated by the unauthorized use of the logo.